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Dr. Bhoopat Singh Bhati (Uro Zoone Kidney And Stone Clinic) in Viman Nagar is one of the well-known and most preferred urologists in Pune. The doctor is known to be highly qualified and gained a degree from a reputed educational institute. The medical professional has been flourishing ever since the inception and has plans on expanding the business further, in the years to come. The doctor carries out the treatments with utmost precision and efficiency, ensuring that the patients’ health is in safe hands. The urologist has earned a loyal clientele and also has patients residing in India as well as patients from across the globe frequently visiting the clinic. The practices used by the doctor are one hundred percent ethical, that in no way challenges or defies the medical code of ethics.

We are Offering Reliable Services

Dr. Bhoopat Singh Bhati (Uro Zoone Kidney And Stone Clinic) in Pune offers lots of treatments that cater to the various ailments faced by their male and female patients.

Kidney Diseases

Kidney disease describes a variety of disease that affects the kidneys.

Male Infertility

Male infertility refers to the inability of a male to make a fertile female pregnant.

Renal Transplantation

Patients suffering from kidney failure require surgical care at every step.

Medical Departments

Qualified Doctors

Dr. Bhoopat Singh Bhati (Uro Zoone Kidney And Stone Clinic) is considered to be one of the best doctors in Viman Nagar Pune, and this is considering the amount of experience and expertise.

Advanced Technology

We prefer advanced but minimally invasive techniques to speed up the recovery process and minimize the discomfort you are experiencing.

Emergency Care

24×7 emergency care for all type of Urologic Emergency

Daily Cheakups

24 hours uro-zoone with daily morning and evening OPD. We are here for your health, and we lead the way in treating the problems and conditions that impact the quality of life.

Global Recognition

Patients from all around the globe use our services because we offer treatments for all urological conditions.

Proven Treatments

Our expert team offers proven treatments to our patients, and we know that urological problems can be frustrating and embarrassing for some individuals.

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