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Marma Science is one of the most important hidden treasures of ancient India. The human body is the basis of all Four activities i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha. One can achieve many mortal & immortal gains through the human body.
According to the medical definition, those points of the human body which cause Fatality when injured are known as “Marma.” These points are the seats of the Vital Force. If these vital points (Marma hare treated according to the marma techniques described in Text, a complete health and long life can be assured. This astonishing & wondrous method of treatment originated in the four Vedas & was further developed & explicated by Aacharya Sushruta.
This marma science is the oldest, easily available, universally sustainable, self-dependent and instant result-oriented way of treatment. God has created a system of 107 Marma points in the human body for preservation of health, prevention of disease & awakening of heavenly powers. The location of Marma points are divided as lower limbs, Upper limbs, Head & Neck, Back and thorax/abdomen

Marma therapy contributes to increase or recharge physical, mental & Spiritual energies on the physical level it helps to revitalize or re-energize the body tissues at a cellular level it improves the vital functions like digestion, respiration, blood circulation & excretion. On the psychological level, it improves the mental faculty by directing it in a positive direction. On the spiritual level, it acts for reasoning of mind, regulation and
transformation of thoughts in a positive direction helps to concentrate on the ultimate goal of Life. Marma therapy includes Marma-Naadi Pariksha, Marma-sroto Pariksha, Marma sthanik Pariksha with the help of these Marma Therapy Protocols is decided. This Protocol again divided into Marma Abyanga (Marma massage), Marma And Aushadhi (Internal Medicines), Marma Yog and Pranayam and Panchakarma