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One of the greatest wonders of nature is a reproduction. One of life’s greatest gifts to a couple is a child of their own. As such, if a couple is childless it is something that makes them despair & can be a frustrating experience. Infertility means inability to conceive (Attain Pregnancy), despite of regular unprotected sexual intercourse for more than 1 year. Women who can get pregnant but are unable to continue pregnancy may also be infertile.

Causes Of Infertility In Females

  1. P.C.O.D [Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease]
  2. Anovulatory cycles.
  3. Fallopian Tube Block (Tubal Block).
  4. Uterine Fibroid
  5. Positive TORCH test.
  6. Endometriosis
  7. Bad Obstetric history- Recurrent Abortions
  8. Stress Factor- Depression or poor self-esteem.
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Causes Of Infertility In Males

  1. Varicocele : This happens when the veins on the testicles are too large & tortuous causing increased thermal     effect on the testicles. This effects the count & motility of the sperm.
  2. Decreased Motility :This may be caused by the abnormal shape of the sperm. Sometimes injuries or other damage to the reproductive system, effects the sperm motility.
  3. Heavy Alcohol Use.
  4. Erectile Dysfunction.
  5. Smoking, Tobacco chewing.
  6. Drugs.
  7. Health problems such as Mumps, kidney Diseases, hormonal imbalance.
  8. Radiation treatment or Chemotherapy for Cancer.
  9. Environmental toxins including pesticides & lead.