Dr. Deepak Patil

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Garbh Sanskar is something which will remain with the baby throughout his life and lead him to live a healthy and successful life in all aspects. This is the art of living taught by mother to infant in the womb itself. This is knowledge or art of living shifts or goes from a mother’s instinct to infants instinct and whatever goes to baby during these nine months takes shape and happens in a child’s life in the future.

Sanskars can be established in good and bad both ways, it is up to the expecting mother how she is spending crucial nine months of her and her baby’s life. Babys Nature, Temperament, Intellectual ability, how happy he/she will be in life, luck, etc is determined in the womb itself.

Garbh Sanskar is not a medical procedure. Doctor’s role in the entire pregnancy is to take care of the physical health of would-be mother & fetus and ensure the proper delivery of the baby. What to eat and drink, how frequently to visit gynecologist, what medicines to be taken, what are the exercises to be done etc is very important but this is not part of Garbh Sanskar. Garbh Sanskar is a mental and spiritual process, by which the future life of the fetus can be determined.